About Us

The History

The term “Butter & Egg Man” was originally a slang term used to describe a merchant’s that produced, sold or dealt with eggs and/or butter. 

This term adopted a whole new meaning in 1925 when a play titled “The Butter & Egg Man” debuted in the Longacre Theatre, New York City by George S. Kaufman. The play was about a rich man who came to New York and live ostentatiously, spending money on fine wine, women and night life. The play was a huge success that lead to popularised usage of the term.

In 1926 the legendary Jazz artist, Louis Armstrong released what became a hit jazz song titled, “The Big Butter & Egg Man”. This song further normalised and popularised the term Butter & Egg Man. The lyrics to the song describes a women who was searching for a Butter & Egg Man to treat her well and let her play so that she does not need to work all day.

The song lyrics go something like this.

“Now she wants, a butter an egg man
From way out in the west
She wants somebody, who's workin' all day
So she's got money, when she wants to play
Now pretty clothes, they'll never be mine
But what she told me the other day
I hope she don't change her mind
Now she wants, a butter an egg man
A great big butter and egg man
From way down south

In 2020, Butter & Egg Man Co. London is founded, a luxury men’s accessories brand focused on delivery exemplary socks, underwear and accessories for discerning gentleman, redefining classic concepts, patterns and designs with unique interpretations.